Welcome to DeepOBS


This DeepOBS version is under continious development and a beta of DeepOBS 1.2.0.
Many thanks to Aaron Bahde for spearheading the developement of DeepOBS 1.2.0.


DeepOBS is a benchmarking suite that drastically simplifies, automates and improves the evaluation of deep learning optimizers.

It can evaluate the performance of new optimizers on a variety of real-world test problems and automatically compare them with realistic baselines.

DeepOBS automates several steps when benchmarking deep learning optimizers:

  • Downloading and preparing data sets.
  • Setting up test problems consisting of contemporary data sets and realistic deep learning architectures.
  • Running the optimizers on multiple test problems and logging relevant metrics.
  • Automatic tuning of optimizer hyperparameters.
  • Reporting and visualization the results of the optimizer benchmark.

The code for the current implementation working with TensorFlow and PyTorch can be found on GitHub.

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