Test Problem Analyzer

class deepobs.analyzer.analyze_utils.TestProblemAnalyzer(path, tp)[source]

DeepOBS analyzer class for a specific test problem.

This class will store all relevant information regarding a test problem, such as the convergence performance of this problem.

  • path (str) -- Path to the parent folder of the test problem (i.e. the results folder).
  • tp (str) -- Name of the test problem (same as the folder name).

Name of the test problem in DeepOBS format (e.g. cifar10_3c3d).


Convergence performance for this test problem.


Metric to use for this test problem. If available this will be test_accuracies, otherwise test_losses.


Dictionary of optimizers for this test problem where the key is the name of the optimizer (e.g. GradientDescentOptimizer) and the value is an instance of the OptimizerAnalyzer class (see below).